Sunday, May 27, 2007

More Progress...

Update on the "Cape Cod" socks...busy few days here with housework and all, so I haven't had as much knitting time. But I'm done with the leg and actually have half the heel flap done--it's just tucked inside the sock to make the dpns align to fit in the holder.

Here's the color...this time you can see the teal green and teal blue bands a lot better. Plus, it's merino/tencel--ooooh, something SHINY!!

Here's the can see both the shells and the cabled side band in this view.

I still need to mess more with my digital cam and see if there even is a good mode that gives the depth of texture without graying it out. My Olympus Stylus 600 is not a terribly expensive camera, so I have a feeling I'm SoL there, though it took some genuinely gorgeous landscape-style pictures out on the Bering Sea.

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