Wednesday, May 23, 2007

WIP Cape Cod Socks

Photos of a sock work in progress. I've tried to alter the pattern "Cape Cod" from Alice Starmore's "Fishermen's Sweaters" to make it fit a sock.

I'm still working on trying to get a camera mode to give me both true color and true texture, but till then, I'll post photos for both.

Fairly true texture here, showing the seashell motif that's on the front and back.
True texture of the sides: a cabled band and parts of the shells.

True color in this can see the subtle teal blue and teal green bands if you look. I'll try and get a picture in daylight as it's even more obvious. I actually started knitting at nightby lamplight and didn't see the contrast till the next day when I was out in the sun--it's beautiful.

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